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Perhaps it is a long time since you last sat in a maths classroom. If you are looking for skills test practice tests and questions, then qts maths tutor is here to help. You can find more information about the skills tests in the context of teacher. You can take the skills tests at centres across the country. Qts maths tutor is the home of online numeracy skills test practice and professional skills test practice. In order to become a qualified teacher, you have to pass the numeracy skills test as well as the lite. Qts skills tests free numeracy and literacy skills test. You first need to register through the governments qts skills booking system. Once youve prepared and you feel ready to take the skills tests, you can book a test appointment online if youre on a traditional teacher training route, such as school direct or universityled pgce, you will need to take and pass both tests before you can begin your training if you are due to begin or have started tes institutes. Our qts maths tests are built on the feedback we have received from prospective teachers, qts skills tutors and maths experts, who collectively have helped to shape our numeracy skills tests in a way that we think makes them the best practice tests available to help get you ready for the. For those who are preparing for either their gcse equivalent test, you can get specialist support from a dedicated service that helps people with both the english and maths equivalency test, maths made.

Guide to the qts numeracy skills test book pdf download. There are 8 mental maths tests included in the app, which are aimed to. This blog works in connection with the how2become qts guide, and we have provided you with detailed sample questions that will take you stepbystep through the process of working out each type of question the important thing to remember is to fully grasp the. The online practice tests that we provide are the nearest available practice tests to the real thing, so if you are achieving scores of 65% or above every time, you will be ready to sit the qts skills test. Now onto practice tests, so i would do a practice test, then write down my weaknesses to work on next time. We now even provide support for the qts literacy skills test. Dropin support for this test is available from the maths support tutors at the usual times. We tend to see that those preparing for the qts literacy exam and finding this difficult also require help with their english equivalency test.

For some, these tests have presented a real hurdle and this news will come as a relief. I mainly tutor gcse, a level, qts numeracy, bmat and ukcat. I find that qts maths tutor is a bit on the difficult side, but this helps you build confidence. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. I scored 11 marks below the pass rate 63% which came as a huge blow. The numeracy section starts at a low level and includes a. The tests are computerised, though some elements are delivered via audio headset.

At qts numeracy test we help people to prepare for their professional skills tests, especially the maths exam as this is the one that more people struggle with. Qts numeracy test is partnered with qts maths tutor the most comprehensive numeracy skills test provider available who help to get you ready for the test. The qts skills tests have to be passed in order to gain entry on to an initial teacher training course by all teachers in england and wales who want to go into comprehensive schools to teach. Qts numerical tests are a form of psychometric testing that measures a persons ability and skill regarding mathematical data. Of course it cannot, without some effort, miraculously pass the test.

It covers all the areas required for the qts numeracy skills test. If you cancel your third free test within 3 days of your test date, youll need to pay for your next attempt. The test is designed to assess a core skill that all teachers need to work with competence it does not assess a specific subject knowledge. The only difference between this book and my previous book is that a few typos have been corrected. Qts maths tutor numeracy skills tests qts skills test. This book is aimed at helping trainee teachers to pass the qts numeracy skills test the first time you take it. Whichever stage you are at with your preparation for sitting the literacy skills test, qts literacy tutor can help you.

So how did i get from there to where i am now, which is a qualified teacher who. All trainee teachers in england and wales have to sit numeracy and literacy skills tests in order to achieve qualified teacher status qts which permits them to continue or start teaching. The qts test is a tricky part of your teacher training. This site is like a library, use search box in the widget. Trainee teachers revising for the numeracy skills test should get a friend to read out exam questions this helps with mental arithmetic. One of the prerequisites for securing the offer as you may be aware is passing the dfe qts numeracy skills test. Home literacy and numeracy test for initial teacher. I find the government ones easier than qts maths tutor. It gives the reader a good grounding in the skills needed to pass the. Book a literacy skills test tutor today, by contacting us now. Previous to contacting the company i was waking up in the middle of the night overwhelmed by the amount of work i. How to pass the qts numeracy and literacy skills is the only book to contain both numeracy and literacy practice tests and revision.

Graphs and tables are useful topics in everyday life if you pick up a newspaper or watch the news, youre. We have created a whole bunch of resources to help you get through your qts numeracy test, including a revision book, practice tests, revision cheat sheets, mental arithmetic audios and much much more. If you have booked a test to take place before 30 april, your test booking will be rescheduled automatically. Fortunately, the scope of the qts numeracy test is much narrower than the gcse, and youre currently allowed several attempts to pass it. Teach me maths qts videos practice questions tests. From bar charts to cumulative frequency curves, you will see many topics, questions and explanations to. The numeracy skills test is one of the professional skills tests that must be passed by all prospective teachers. If your teacher training course starts on or after 1 april 2020 you are not required to take the professional skills tests. Pass your numeracy skills test qts maths tutor book. How to pass the qts numeracy and literacy skills tests. I also run a large facebook group for helping people to pass the qts numeracy skills test and have extensive knowledge of the test. Passing the numeracy skills test, fifth edition achieving qts series.

I had 2 weeks to pass both my professional skills test in numeracy and my maths gcse equivalency test, in order to stay on my teaching course. If you are booking a new test, test dates are still available from 1 may 2020. I wasnt worried about the english and ict ones, but the maths one filled me with fear. Ten common graphs and data tables on numeracy tests. If there is not an exact match, you will not be able to take your test and you will. Qts numeracy skills test for ios free download and. In this success guide for the qts numeracy skills test we cover what to expect and how to suceed, stepbystep. Our tutors work full time, delivering tuition to 2025 students a week and they have excellent pass rates. This book will enable you to pass the numeracy skills test at your first attempt. It holds a lot of example questions with the answers, however i do not feel. Pass your professional literacy skills test with the qts literacy tutor resources which are in the same format as the actual exam.

You can see what our practice skills tests are like by clicking the links below. This video was created to help trainee teachers who need to take their numeracy skills test. Be warned though depending on where you are in your journey towards qualified teacher status qts, you may still need to take and pass both skills tests. How i passed the qts maths test part 3 the second part is the more traditional pen and paper sort of maths.

You must enter your legal name and date of birth exactly as it appears on the identification you will present at the test centre. Qts skills test 2018please answer if you have done these. Qts maths tutor numeracy skills tests qts skills test tutors. Where do i go online to book my literacy skills test. Results for the qts numeracy skills tests are calculated in real time, meaning youll be provided with your results as soon as you finish the test. How to pass the qts numeracy and literary skills test is the only book available that includes both literacy and numeracy revision and mock tests. I scored 11 marks below the pass rate 63% which came as. As a teacher trainer with suffolk and norfolk initial teacher training team i run qts numeracy test revision sessions, hold skype support sessions and mentor trainees and have done for some years now. All the numeracy tests youre likely to come across ask you to deal with information in graphs and tables and to be able to work out basic statistics such as averages and the range. Professional skills test help clinics tes institute. Your first 3 attempts at the numeracy and literacy skills test are provided free of charge. Professional skills tests are for aspiring teachers who have submitted an itt application for a teacher training course leading to qualified teacher status qts. This book is fantastic and has been purchased by many of our students who have subsequently passed the skill test. Our website has been established for a number of years but we have recently updated our content to provide the most up to date information for the qts professional skills tests.

This page gives an overview of the numeracy skills test so that you can prepare for taking the test. Once youve prepared and you feel ready to take the skills tests, you can book a test appointment online. I found this section less intimidating than the first part, because although there was an overall time limit, it wasnt a limit per question. Skills test centres will be closed in line with the latest uk government guidance until 30 april as a precautionary measure against coronavirus. Further details about access arrangements are on the process for taking the professional skills test page test content. If you feel that you need to improve your speed in. If youre on a traditional teacher training route, such as school direct or universityled pgce, you will need to take and pass both tests before you can begin your training. We offer both numeracy and literacy skills practice tests as well as one to one support in the form of expert tuition. Access qts maths practice tests and qts literacy skills test tuition.

I wasnt really up for rummaging through all of my secondary school. The test has been introduced to assess those aspects of initial teacher education students personal literacy and numeracy skills that can be measured through an online assessment tool. All students enrolled in an initial teacher education course either undergraduate or postgraduate will be expected to sit and meet the test standard prior. It is based on work in personal coaching helping people just like you successfully pass the test. I tried the online practice test and ended up a weeping, soggy mess on my desk. The qts maths tutor book has a simple purpose, which is to introduce you to the key topics and question types that appear in the professional numeracy skills test and provide you with methods and strategies to help you answer these questions. You want to be a teacher, but theres just one thing standing in your way your qts skills tests. Click download or read online button to get how to pass the qts numeracy and literacy skills tests book now. Ive recently had to take my qts numeracy test, and in order to prepare i ordered this book. Im going to try a government test again to see how much i get. This book is for everyone who feels that they need help with the qts numeracy skills test. Im getting higher marks in the qts maths tutor tests than i was before. Passing the literacy skills test achieving qts series. How to pass the qts numeracy and literary skills tests includes both literacy and numeracy revision and mock tests.

Accessing results from the qts numeracy skills test. We are the leading provider of qts skills test practice tests and tuition. Suddenly i had the prospect of the qts skills test looming over me. The author of this book is a specialist mathematics teacher with experience in both consultancy work and teaching. If you are sitting for the qts numeracy professional skills test, its important to acquaint yourself with the rules and procedures that all candidates must follow before and during the exam. For entry into itt courses for 2016 2017 the contents have not changed from the previous version of my book. Charges will apply from the fourth attempt for each test.

The book was written on the back of my personal coaching services, working with students just like you to achieve success in the qts numeracy skills test and has been designed to tackle the difficulties that students most commonly experience. I sat my numeracy test the other day the literacy was fine and i was really disappointed when i finished the test and collected my results. Gcse english equivalency test qts literacy skills test. Whats wrong with the qts professional skills tests. Good numeracy skills are essential for effective teaching, and this is why so much emphasis is placed on completion of the numeracy skills test. Qts maths tutors new book has been designed to give applicants the very best chance of passing their numeracy skills test, it covers all of the areas of the test, with a large number of example questions and answers for you to use for practice. Qts maths tutor is the only test provider to offer skills test practice exams in the same format as the real test. How to pass the qts numeracy skills test qts maths tutor maths tutorial. How i passed the qts maths test part 3 sjb teaching. The most comprehensive qts skills test book available with more. Passing the qts numeracy and literacy tests how to pass. After helping many teachers of tomorrow prepare for and pass their qts numeracy test, i wanted to make the help that i could offer available to others, and so i created this website, wrote my guide to the qts numeracy skills test book and designed all of the accompanying resources that are on offer here.

Free literacy skills test pass your qts skills tests. All trainee teachers seeking qualified teacher status qts must pass the numeracy skills test, the literacy skills test and the ict skills test. Professional skills tests numeracy skills tests skills. The professional skills tests in literacy and numeracy are to be discontinued on 1 april 2020. How i passed the qts maths test part 1 sjb teaching. How to pass the qts numeracy skills test qts maths tutor. Then i would search into youtube for example qts maths test 1 answers and there are video tutorials that show you how to get the answers and then i knew how to correct my mistakes. If you are looking to book your numeracy skills test in northern ireland or you are looking. The qts qualified teacher status numeracy skills test is a requirement if you wish to work in teaching in the uk, at any level.

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