Flash motorola gp380 software

Motorola provides an atexapproved mandown option board for the gp340 ex providing even greater safety for employees in hazardous environments. Motorola gp380 is a capable twoway radio suitable for virtually any operation. Specification sheet the gp380, one of the marketleading radios in motorolas professional series, is an effective featurepacked communication solution for any organisation. Get this software completely free when you purchase the universal motorola analogue radio programming cable. Firmware upgrade software for gpprofessional portable radios only. Free download motorola flashing software rsdlite 6. There is only one cable that will allow firmware updates to gpprofessional portable radios. High build quality combined with advanced specification makes these units the choice of the professional user.

The motorola gp340 is the european version of ht750 with select5 and 16 channels. Gp380 professional twoway radios motorola solutions. Signalling the radio software encompasses private line and 5tone selective signalling. Motorola gp380 compatible accessories and equipment.

This factoryfitted option board automatically summons assistance when the radio falls over or remains motionless for a predetermined time period. Motorola analog professional portable radio gp360 delivers a feature rich, effective communication solution for a variety of organizations offering users an easy to use menu with full keypad for efficient productivity, while the lone worker and emergency signaling features provide protection and security for field personnel working remotely or by themselves. Accordingly, any ed motorola computer programs contained in the motorola products described in this manual may not be copied, reproduced. Motorola gp 380 windows cps programming software d03. Motorola gp380 and gp680 portable radio from sitelink. Motorola software update tool is easy to use, fast, convenient, and secure. See downloads section below for gp360 vs dp46001 comparison. After searching for the genuine motorola program i came across motorola radius gm300 radio doctor. The gp380, one of the marketleading radios in motorola s professional series, is an effective featurepacked communication solution for any organisation. Complete list of the motorola gp380 compatible accessories and equipment that we have available. There is no other way to update the gpprofessional portable radio firmware.

Select the product type you are looking for to filter the list of. The version number is located on the back side of the radio chassis. The motorola gp380 and gp680 for trunked usage is a sophisticated 255channel solution for the professional user who requires a high quality, multichannel product with expandable features and the same rugged durability and simplicity of operation inherent with. The gp380 ex is designed for more advanced users who require additional functionality of a full keypad and need to communicate with larger groups of users or field. Motorola gp380 ex portable radio basic user guide 15 pages. But this article does not apply to gp640 and gp680 as, whilst they share the same accessoryprogramming socket, gp6xx radios require different software. This good unit must have a lower spec codeplug than the flash software that you are using. Any fee you pay to us in the process of obtaining software should. And just like all other radios in motorolas classic waris series the gp380 provide efficient, reliable and secure communications. There are 312 suppliers who sells motorola gp380 on, mainly located in asia.

The motorola gp380 atex professional series portable radio offers users maximum versatility with advanced safety and security communication features in volatile or potentially hazardous environments. Motorola firmware update gp340,gp360,gp380 eu hamfiles. Software provided by radiotronics is supplied free of charge. Motorola software update free download and software. Programming software for motorola gp 680 gp680 gp680.

Programming software for motorola gp 380 gp380 gp 380. For flash adapter hln9742a, flash mode on means switch position on. The simple intuitive menu and contact list makes onetoone or onetomany calls easy, putting the. Lets assume you have a radio for vhf use and 16 channels.

Radiotronics sells everything you need to do just that. Motorola gp380 twoway radio with endless possibilities. Some kind of interface between the radio and the pc is necessary. Motorola, the stylized m logo, and all other trademarks. All you need is a pc, access to the internet, and a usb cable. We offer it free of charge as a gesture of good will. For flash adapter hln9742b, flash mode on means switch position a, position b is used for mic connector flashing. Motorola gp320 gp330 gp340 gp360 gp380 v8 firmware upgrade. More motorola transceivers motorola gp 88 gp88 gp88 service manual and specs. For a similar replacement consider the dp4600 or the dp4601. A purchase of software worth for rare use but not because motorola per program 34 digit eur amounts verlangt. Apparently, up until recently there was different software for the latin american.

The cdm mobiles program and flash via the back 20 pin accessory port or. Motorola gp 300 gp300 gp300 how to program the radio it is not difficult to program your radio and if you followed the above mods from the other amateurs, it will be very easy. Click the start menu and in the search programs and files area, type and select dosbox options. Page 1 carry options for full details of available accessories, please contact your local dealer or distributor the gp380, one of the marketleading radios in motorolas professional series, is an effective featurepacked communication solution for any organisation. By using equipment ii the flash adapter has to be connected between the pc and the ribless programming cable. Dazu must add, that the labtools lab and rss are not officially related. There are mpt versions of the gp340 and gp380, called the gp640 and gp680. Motorola usb radio programming cable with usb driver for. This program runs fine under windows xp and will do all the functions that the genuine motorola radio service software does. Gp338, gp338ls, gp339, gp339 ex, gp340, gp340 ex, gp360, gp360 fug 11b, gp365 fug 11b, gp380, gp380 ex, gp380 fug 11b, gp385 fug 10b, gp540.

Motorola certain exclusive rights for ed computer pr ograms, including, but not limited to, the exclusive right to copy or reproduce in any form the ed computer program. This article also applies to gp320, gp330, gp360, gp380 radios. Motorola gp320 gp330 gp340 gp360 gp380 v8 firmware. The rib and its cables, or a functionally equivalent, purposebuilt, circuit is a necessary component of the motorola radio programming environment. Each model in the gp series has passed the motorola accelerated life test alt. Motorola gp340gm340 programming software radiotronics.

Motorola enln4115 is the cps programming software for the motorola gp320, gp330, gp340, gp360, gp380, gp344r, gp366 r, gp388 r two way radios. Motorola device utility usb driver tracey brown december 31, 20 motorola the motorola device manager application below contains the usb drivers and also the software to connect your motorola mobile phone or tablet to your computer or laptop using a usb cable connected to it. A wide variety of motorola gp380 options are available to you, such as handheld. Motorola waris mpt windows cps programming software r00. Deu100 modules for motorola professional series radios. This zipped file is completed with full driver installation.

This testing simulates 5 years hard use in the field and all motorola radios pass this rigorous test. Discontinued motorola portables motorola gp380 close x. Radio info radio, a feature known as radio information can be accessed via the. The extensive functionality, key pad and userfriendly menus makes it flexible enough to meet most requirements.

The p in the type field stands for portable, the a in the unique model package means the radio was included in a package with battery, antenna, etc. Motorola gp300 gm300 cps programming labupgradekit flash tuner r motorola. Upgrades the firmware to version 8 on portable radios only not mobile radios. To enable you and your dealersystem administrator to establish, quickly, the software to enter menu mode. The gp380 is a display version with 255 channels and keypad. Programming software for motorola gp 300 gp300 gp300.

Motorola rkn4074 replacement usb ribless programming cable programming, data mode, and audio hardware for twoway radio equipment. Motorola controller acess software trunk terminals. Motorola gp380 vhfuhf 45watts introducing the motorola professional series. Motorola gp300 gm300 cps programming labupgradekit flash. Gp320 is a 1 channel version of the gp340 without any channel knob. Motorola analog professional radios gp380 atex blue. Motorola gp 380 gp 380 gp380 service manual and specs motorola gp 600 gp600 gp600 service manual and specs. Note that the radio firmware version is not the cps software version.

Chiamata selettiva invio stato motorola gm380gp380 duration. Hi bw many thanks for your reply, yes i am using the mpt cps r00. Motorola enln4115 is the cps programming software for the motorola gp320, gp330, gp340, gp360, gp380, gp344r, gp366r, gp388r two way radios. Flash adapter, pn hln9742a or b and i radio interface box, pn rln4008 with. To redeem simply add this software and the universal motorola analogue radio programming. Motorola gp 300 diagram mods for mods for motorola gp 300 gp300 gp300. In addition to the features of the gp340, the gp380 has a full keypad and an alphanumeric display including battery gauge and caller identity. Many aftermarket nonmotorola ribs use different connectors on the ribtocomputer cable or provide a standard 9pin to 9pin cable. Decrypt motorola rss archive files for gp300p110, change the model and sn in decrypted file cps for professional series gp320340360380, gm340360380 r03. As with all motorola flash reprogramming, be careful, you might want to use a.

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